From Classic to Whimsey

The Art of Decorating Our Outdoor Spaces

GA-2323When contemplating a new garden we usually start with the flower beds--either new or existing-- and all the wonderful plants that we hope to use.

But what about decorating our gardens with art and artifacts?  This is like adding pictures to the walls of our homes, and it is the perfect way to imprint our unique personalities on our outdoor spaces.



In this richly illustrated talk we will examine some of the multitude of decorations on display in dozens of lovely public and private gardens and the varying moods each creates.

We will see how an arbor defines a grand entrance, elegant seating invites us to stay awhile, water evokes peace and tranquility, a graceful sculpture creates a focal point, a hidden bench makes a surprise and a group of metal peacocks says WOW.  Functional seating suggests an al fresco lunch and charming whimsical creations make us laugh.




We will explore how these many decorations were selected and displayed in their particular setting for best effect, and how you can use similar decorations to complement your own garden's style and to reflect your unique personality.

Finally we look at some places, both local and on-line, where you can find similar items for your own garden.





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