My Garden Journal

by Judith Irven

Welcome to my garden journal, with a potpourri of ideas and inspirations for gardeners everywhere.

I write about topics that interest me personally, both as a dirt-under-the-fingernails gardener and as a practicing landscape designer, including:

– The wider landscape as it inspires my designs,

– Profiles of plants that thrive in my Vermont garden,

– Techniques for growing food and cooking from the garden,

– The magic of the ever-changing seasons of our New England gardens,

– Inspirations gleaned from visiting great gardens, both public and private.

Cultivating Delectable Edibles

Growing one’s own food is both easy and wonderfully satisfying. Here is my recipe!

Savoring the Pleasures of Early Spring in Vermont

After a long snowy winter, the earliest flowers bring messages of hope and resilience.

The Sleeping Beauty

The special beauty of the garden in winter

Keeping your Maturing Garden Fresh and Vibrant

How to ensure your garden matures gracefully

The Maturing Garden

Creating a garden is akin to making a journey. Enjoy each stage as it comes!

Fall: the perfect time for garden projects

The cooler days of fall offer the perfect time for many garden projects.

Farewell to Summer

Beautiful flowers that grace the late summer garden

Graceful Grasses

See how grasses give our gardens movement and contrast