Hardiness Revisited

What does it take for us to have a wonderful garden full of exuberant plants in a place--- like New England--- where the winters are both long and cold?

The first thing that comes to mind is climate, and most especially what how cold it will get.  While climate is something beyond our control as individuals,  it certainly behooves us as gardeners to learn as much as we can about what to expect.

There are also plenty of things we can control if we know how---in particular our choice of plants, as well as where and how we plant them in the garden.

In the following pages I take a look at both what we can't control but need to understand, as well as what we can control, to help us have a great garden in a cold climate

How cold is cold?

How Cold is Cold? The Gardener’s Golden Rule: Pick Plants…

A New Zone Map

A New Zone Map If you have not seen it…

Beyond zones

Beyond Zones All cold climate gardeners  ‘know their zone’. And…