Garden Writings

Words by Judith Ivern and Pictures by Dick Conrad

A collection of longer articles about our Vermont gardening life, exploring topics of interest to gardeners everywhere.

Here in northern New England our summers are warm but our winters are cold. Dick and I are stewards of a rambling country property, and while our extensive garden is inspired by the beautiful New England landscape, it is also governed by the practicalities of our cold climate.

Your own gardens will no doubt differ from ours in many ways. But I hope, wherever you call home, these articles on the art and the practicalities of garden-making will provide both stimulation and enjoyment.


Each garden is the unique expression of its creator, conceived in our mental pictures but influenced by the site.

Sustainable Garden Making

A sustainable garden is both beautiful and enduring; it is easy on the gardener and gentle on the earth.

Hardiness Revisited

How cold can it get where you live? How do you use this information to choose plants that will thrive in your garden?

Plant a Picture

As a gardener, my land is my canvas, and plants are my palette. See how use your plants to create beautiful pictures.

Winged visitors

Techniques to bring both birds and butterflies to your garden.

A Vermont Garden in Winter

Gardens should be beautiful throughout the year. Explore how to create a garden that is as lovely in January as it is in July

Cool Greenhouse

It is pure bliss to step into the greenhouse on a sunny February morning, and savor the earthy smells of green growing things.

Clivia with begonias and oxalis in the greenhouse