My Garden Journal

by Judith Irven

Welcome to my garden journal, with a potpourri of ideas and inspirations for gardeners everywhere.

I write about topics that interest me personally, both as a dirt-under-the-fingernails gardener and as a practicing landscape designer, including:

– The wider landscape as it inspires my designs,

– Profiles of plants that thrive in my Vermont garden,

– Techniques for growing food and cooking from the garden,

– The magic of the ever-changing seasons of our New England gardens,

– Inspirations gleaned from visiting great gardens, both public and private.

Spring Cleaning–garden style

It’s time to ready our gardens for the new season

Welcoming winged visitors to our gardens

Welcoming the birds and the butterflies to our gardens

Beauty beneath the trees

Beautiful shady garden spaces bring tranquility and gentleness to the garden

High Summer in the Garden

Favorite flowers that take the heat of high summer

Teasing April

Cherished flowers of April–in our gardens and in the woods

Creating a woodland garden

Taking our cues from the forests around us

Seduced by a Lady’s Slipper

Showy Lady’s Slippers are fascinating plants that, with careful siting, can be grown in our gardens.

A Breath of Spring

Creating the Vermont Flower Show: A look behind the scenes.